8 de enero de 2010

My love just grows

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  1. Miss_Scarlett dijo...
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  2. Miss_Scarlett dijo...

    heeeey oli :)

    im super super happy to see you're sort of back ;) what a change this blog has made,so far i'm liking it and of course i will help you with anything you want, but the moods theme its the easiest thing, i simply downloaded all pics in my comp and whenever i upload a new entry i add as well the small pic that defines my mood at that moment, is that simple.

    hows everything? i guess i will have to wait for that email but im happy to know about you anyway. as ive told you, im liking this boy everyday more, youre sort to blame because i dont think ive ever have seen into the wild that soon, ive also seen him in lords of dogtown, milk (<3333) and a few other and this guy is great.

    so i hope to see you here more often, i have an icon as a link for this blog, i didnt know which one to put and its of blake lively in a gossip girl ep with a camera, but if you have another that you like better just tell me ;)

    tons of love O.!

  3. mcavoyeur dijo...

    hace poco vi 'Into The Wild', y no puedo creer que haya tardado tanto para verla... tremenda película, Emile esta espectacular, y ademas es un deleite para los ojos, ja!